Question by serenity09: I’m majoring in economics and minoring in finance. What type of internship should I look for?
I mean where should I look for internships? which places would be more appropriate for me to intern?

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Answer by Dave W
Economics and finance are pretty broad areas.
You should do an internship in a business or place where you’d like to someday work.

Some internships work into full-time jobs, after you graduate.

But, the reality of it, is that you may end of doing an internship just “anywhere” that is available, since there are often so few opportunities for them. Employers often do not like to bring in unskilled (without a work history) people into businesses that need highly skilled and trustworthy employees.

You may be seen as a threat to those who already work there, it could cause problems for other employees, who do not have time to train a “newbie”, so to speak.

I would have a long talk with the economics department chairperson, and find out names of businesses that have taken on interns in the past, and find out where those who did internships had the best success.

Former interns will share their experiences with their college instructors, so learn from “history” so you get the best training possible,

Even if you must go somewhere, where you’d not want to work in the future, you can pick up skills that can go on your resume to get your foot in the door, for a business where you do want to work, after graduation.

Good luck.

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