Question by Archangel: What kind of college degree would help me get on a SWAT team, and how could I get tuition covered?
At first I was planning on going into the Army as an Airborne Ranger, but now I may need to get a medical waiver, which will automatically disqualify me for Airborne School (which is required prior to go through Ranger Assessment and Selection). I may still be able to go in as infantry (hopefully 10th Mountain or 101st Air Assault), but I won’t be able to be a Ranger or Green Beret.

So now, I’ve given it some though, and think that I might actually want to be on a SWAT team in either NYC or L.A. From the initial research I’ve done, having a college degree along with some military experience would make me exceptionally competitive when applying for a position on a team. But exactly what kind of degree(s) would they be looking for?

But in worst case scenario, I’ll be completely disqualified from MEPS and won’t even get into the military. If that were to happen, is there a way I can still have my tuition payed for by the government if I pursue a career in law enforcement? Also, are there any internship programs for law enforcement?

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Answer by eth
Teams Athletic probably something along those lines although the military experience will be the most important aspect.

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