Question by Mr. FutureTeacher: Getting out of college a semester early what kind of job can I before I start teaching?
I am planning on graduating college with a BA Degree in Interdisplinary Studies pk-6. What kind of job can I get that will help me get my foot back into the school system. I work a year as a substitute teacher but i’m looking for a job that I could work everyday.

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Answer by usmcwife
A lot of schools will hire a teacher full time in the middle of the year to take the place of someone who goes on maternity leave. Since you name is on the sub list, let the principals in the area know that if one of their teachers leaves for maternity leave that you would be willing to pick up the full time position if it were offered to you. This also gives you a MUCH better chance of being hired in that county the next year. You could also perhaps take a TA position if they get one available. This would also make it much more likely that you could get hired as a full time teacher the next year. Hope this helps!

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