Question by JJapple sauce: Do even internships in weird companies look good on your resume?
I have been looking/applying for marketing related internships. Through my schools career office I keep noticing that all the internships are at kinda weird businesses/companies (all small local things). Not that thats bad but I was wondering if it really matters if its a small gig? For instance, I recently heard back from an internship I applied for awhile back for an interview. It’ s a sales/marketing internship (Non-paid but im fine with that) for 4 or 5 small radio stations where I live which just seems kinda random. I mean I know the radio stations and it could be kinda fun but at the same time it comes across as kinda weird. Are alot of internships with small or kinda random companies? Im really looking forward to gaining experience and branching into marketing but will such a random internship even look good on my resume? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Answer by Maggie
Yes! Any ‘real world’ experience you have looks great on a resume. It shows you’ve seen how a company operates, spent good time with ‘real’ employees, and have an all around better understanding of a business.

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