Question by Tahiya: Does academic summer programs at colleges look better than internships in college application ?
I got an internship offer at a local hospital, while on the other hand I also got into a summer program in New York University (NYU) where you can take college level classes. Now I do not know which one I should consider attending. Thank you!

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Answer by Matt
You should consider both. They both sound like good opportunities.

With that said, since you asked specifically regarding college applications, the program where you take actual college level classes would be best, especially if you get some kind of grade for those classes.

The main thing most schools are looking for in people who apply is whether or not they can cut it in college classes. That’s the whole point of looking at your high school transcript and GPA, and the whole point of you taking the SAT/ACT and doing well. Being able to show them that you’ve successfully completed college courses would go a LONG way towards showing the person reviewing your application that you can cut it in college.

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