Question by Melanie V: How to identify what field of work I would enjoy?
I’ve finished the architecture faculty (in my country, faculties have a number of state budgeted places).At first I decided to remain in there (even though I hated it from the start) because I’ve seen it as a career opportunity and because I managed to enter a budgeted place.
I feel like I’ve lived in denial.I can’t udentify a job that fits me.I can only identify what I hate; architecture is something I hate because no matter how hard I work at a project,the professors (or the boss) have always made me start over, over and over again.
I don’t seem to like anything else either.The problem is that I suffer from depression which has aggravated the last 3 years, I take treatment and go to psychotherapy.But so far I did’n find out much else than that architecture feeds my depression.
What am I good at?Technical drawings.Doing clear tasks.
What does this depression need to be diminished?Enough sleep.Not working more than 8 hours a day and being paid reasonably (so far I’ve been working as an unpaid intern for 1 year because it is very hard to find any job in either architecture or technical designing.Because of the high competition, architects often have to work at least 3 years without any money in order to get a paid job, because the construction market has dropped off severely in the last years.Also, in these times, architects who have salaries have miserable ones.)
I could use a fresh start,but I don’t know how to identify my abilities nor my passions.My interests would be:technical drawings in both 3D and 2D (with no creativity needed, because it enhances my frustrations as a depressed individual),maps,cosmetology,pharmacy,physiology.But these are just some things,not passions,nor something I can see being concretized into a career at this moment;in this country nothing is produced anymore, everything is just imported and sold (so the only job that is easier to find is the one of vendor).

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Answer by Exco
I don’t know which country you’re in (US?), but in the UK the RIBA (the certification body of architects, like the AIA?) is cracking down against unpaid internships.

The thing with technical drawings is, well, it’s technical. A few related fields are engineering (physics-heavy), product design (smaller scope), interior design is related to architecture, but more on the artsy-fartsy side.

You might not like to hear it, but the good pay lies in ideas, not brawn, “starchitects” like Hadid or Ghery just doodle something, and it’s the hundreds of architects in his/her employ that creates the details of the actual building.

Other fields are commercial real-estate developers, from suburban houses to tenement blocks. Small interior designers to large construction companies.

God knows architects are bloody undervalued in today’s society, apart from the select few who have come to epitomise this profession. The pay is the least of it, we want to better the physical world we all live in, but we’re at the mercy of politicians and capital.

Maybe I’m still naive regarding the reality of the job market, but the university which I attend have students going away for a 1 year internship between year 3 and 4, and they are pretty much all paid. If your immediate area does not appreciate your talent, perhaps a physical fresh start somewhere else in the world might do the trick.

I’d love to hear more from you, I hope this helps, however insignificantly.

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