Question by Living Flame: How do I find paid internship jobs in the field of journalism? Also, once I find them, how do I get them?
I have been told paid internships do exist, but I cannot seem to locate any.

Also, my grades in school are not currently that good – should I still try for internship positions or put them off until I’m getting good grades?

Also, in the meantime, what sort of part time (or even full time) jobs should I look into that might at least prove beneficial in helping me acquire a career in journalism?

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Answer by Anna P
You need GOOD grades and a “portfolio” (writing assignments) in order to apply for these very competitive internships. Depends where you live, frankly as larger cities offer more opportunities but also have more competition. Most internships in journalism and broadcasting ARE unpaid, so be prepared to sift through a lot. Join a journalism society as a student member and you should access to more information.

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