Question by SaltwaterWolves98: Internships/Volunteer Work in Marine Services for Teens in Mississippi?
Are there any Internship/Volunteer oppurtunites for ages 14+ on the Mississippi Gulf Coast? I have wanted to become a marine biologist for as long as I can remember. I plan on majoring in Ecology and going on to earn my PHD in Marine Biology. I know that in order to do so, I will need experience in the field beforehand. So far, I have looked at IMMS, only to find that the youngest allowed is 18 years of age. Still, I would absolutely adore to participate in any volunteer work on internships around the Coast. Anything would be perfect, whether it involves rescue work, lab work, research, or simply cleaning up around the beach.
Please help me? I can’t seem to find something for those of at least 14 years of age, but I know something has to be out there. I will be a Sophmore in High School this year and would really enjoy to participate in something before I begin college.

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Answer by James
Fundraising Event interns are involved in all aspects of planning and executing the fundraising events at Georgia Aquarium. For the Fall term, this internship will have hands on experience with the planning, marketing and execution of Aqua Vino on October 10th and our Lecture Series events. Interns will also be asked to perform various administrative duties and assist the Fundraising Event Manager in day-to-day office tasks. At the end of the internship, this intern will understand the importance of fundraising for a non-profit and will have experience in event planning, sponsorship development, event marketing and the strategies behind making an event a success.

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