Question by sultan: Does anyone know if one needs a work permit to do a short term internship in Thailand? it could be unpaid.?
Is it difficult to get one? for a multinational bank?

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Answer by donnyx
All paid non-Thai workers in Thailand are required to have a work permit that must be arranged by the company that employs them. Work permits are granted for one year and must be renewed annually. Unpaid internships would have to be arranged by a local educational institution, which could be in collaboration with a foreign university. An independent individual cannot be granted a work permit without a huge investment by creating a qualified business in the country.

Those are the rules, but even so there are many foreigners working here without a work permit. Many work as English teachers who do visa runs every 60 days to stay in the country. That means they must leave the country to renew their tourist visa. New rules restrict the number of visa renewals. Lately, Thailand has been getting tough with these workers and will deport them if discovered.

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