Question by It’s only me: summer job / work experience?
I am in my 1st year of a maths degree so internships are off limits pretty much. I want to do a job over the summer (preferably paid) and involving some kind of maths so I can get some work experience (plus i’m a geek who loves doing maths). Does anyone have any ideas of summer jobs I can do involving maths where I don’t need to have a degree because I wont have graduated by then?

thanks guys :D

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Answer by L. E. Gant
Been there, done that….

Me, I tutored students, worked in a bakery, worked on construction sites, washed dishes after first and second year of a maths degree. The third summer, I got into programming and applications using statistics and numerical methods (oh, forgot – during the second and third years, I marked assignments for the profs and helped in the computer labs showing people how to program and manage computer hardware.)

Internships aren’t impossible to get for a first-year. I missed out on a couple, but classmates got them, and that helped them get the internships in the later years.


If you miss out, at least you tried, and that sometimes opens up opportunities (like marking assignments and the computer lab work for me) that everyone else misses.

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