Question by : What does it mean to “undertake a work placement or internship (paid or unpaid) as part of my course of study”?
I’m applying for a Visiting Student UK visa (which is a special type of visa for students taking a short course in the UK for up to six months).

My course will be less than two weeks. but besides my classes, i’d like to make use of my time there–i want to do a one week internship, more or less, in the UK, but will the rule above apply to me? I’m not aiming to get an internship “as a part” of my course; it will be totally an independent thing. Thoughts? When answering, please give me your source of knowledge or advice.

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Answer by Phil
If you want to take an internship the words apply, but you didn’t say whether the visa permits it or prohibits it. Whichever is the case applies to you. So if it says you may not undertake a paid or unpaid internship then you cannot do it. While the “as part of the course” may be ambiguous, the visa would have to specifically authorize you to take an internship while visiting. And I think it’s not ambiguous because the visa only authorizes you to come for the course of study.

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