Question by alfeebester: College and work study or Fast food job?
I will be starting college in January. I will be going online for the first quarter and taking easy classes just to get my feet wet. I will also be working full time at a fast food place where I have been stuck for 2 years. I make only 7.35/hour with little chance of a raise there.
Starting in spring quarter, I will have to take classes on campus. I know I will have to find daycare or some kind of arrangements for my kids at this time, probably subsidized care, as my husband and I will both be in school. He has to keep working due to child support and is almost done with school (less than 1 1/2 left). He needs to finish up in order to get out of the same crummy fast food hole in the wall I work at.
Question is, should I continue to hold onto the job while trying to do full time school or should I just seek work study employment? Maybe just reduce my hours? But a reduction in hours would result in having to go back on public assistance which I would like to avoid. Which is better, do you think?
Working 35 hours a week for 7.35/hour and taking 12 credit hours or college plus work study and going back on welfare until my husband is out of school in a better job?

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Answer by contessaharridan
You’ll get a lot further with a college education and work experience than you would at a dead-end fast food job making McMinimum wagel

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