Organization description Tacoma College Ministry is an inter-denominational ministry designed to share the love of Christ with university students and their peers in the greater Tacoma area. Unlike many college ministries, TCM is not part of one specific local church or national organization. We are a local, inter-denominational non-profit that works through Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, a school-recognized club at UPS, with the support of a variety of local churches and individuals. Job description Much of TCM and Lighthouse is led cooperatively between some combination of the Executive Director, full-time interns, and student interns. Thus the role and day-to-day responsibilities of a TCM intern will vary widely, molded to fit the needs of the team and (when possible) cater to the passions and abilities of the intern. The 2016-2017 internship is 10 months. It will begin on August 1, 2016 and extend through May 31, 2017. Once an intern has been selected, he or she will have some required reading and training assignments before August. The workweek during the internship can be expected to run about 39 hours. This includes substantial after hour activity–some late nights, early mornings, weekends, retreats, etc. Each intern will receive 2 weeks of vacation time over the Winter Break (roughly Dec. 19 – Jan. 1), as well as holidays. Interns receive free room and board through a host family, and will receive a $600 monthly stipend for other living expenses. Interns also have a designated student expense account ($50/month) to be used for meetings with students. Specific responsibilities include: Attend and participate in all Lighthouse events: Including Lighthouse, Lighthouse Unplugged, post-Lighthouse socials, City Nights (local culture nights), City Dive (overnight urban plunges), Fall Retreat, Men"s and Women"s retreats, Spring Break Service Trip, service projects, social events and leadership training. Participation in these events may include a structured leadership role of some kind such as leading a table discussion or a game. When not in a designated leadership role at Lighthouse events, be attentive to the dynamics needs of the community as well as individuals. Whenever with students (physically or digitally), role includes welcoming those who are unfamiliar and investing in those we already know. Plan events/programs: Either individually or in partnership with the director, full-time interns, and/or student interns. Strong written and verbal communication skills for effective coordination of multiple and often simultaneous efforts will be needed. Preach/Teach: On a regular rotation of speakers at our Tuesday night worship gatherings. Depending on your skillset and passions, this may be a once per semester or more. In an attempt to help you develop in both your theological reflection and public communication, you will receive supervision, support, and feedback from the director. Prepare and maintain online communication and public relations: TCM interns maintain most of TCM"s online presence, currently including our website (, our Facebook Page (, a weekly student newsletter, and a bi-annual e-newsletter for supporters and alumni (created by the director, but prepared for email in MailChimp by the intern). Graphical ads will be provided for advertising student events, (unless this is within the skill set of an applicant), but event descriptions will need to be written in a way that is informative, inviting, and intriguing. In these areas and others, a strong familiarity with online social networking, and a general computer-savviness are incredibly helpful. Help advertise events and maintain communication with students through popular social networking tools, (e.g. Facebook, Tumblr, etc.). For this reason, a high degree of responsibility is expected regarding your own non-TCM related communication, and in regards to direct communication with all students. Any communication with a current student will be considered TCM-related and therefore a high-degree of responsibility will be expected. Participation in supervision, advising, and support of student leadership: Be an available resource for student leadership as they carry out their roles. Including helping with the applicant interview process, reviewing current leadership, aiding their advertising efforts, and providing oversight and guidance for specific projects. Lead a Core Group: Our strongest impact on a student"s spiritual and personal development often happens through our mentor-led small groups called Core Groups. For the length of your commitment you will lead discussion, listen to, support, care for, and pray for a small group of same-sex students. Dream with us: We are in a perpetual state of prayer, visioning and discernment to remain a constant and powerful voice and influence on campus and in the lives of our students. This requires creativity, innovation, and an experimental spirit!

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