Sichuan Internships& Immersion Programs (SII) matches foreign interns with top international enterprises in Chengdu, China. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province. It"s a lively and rapidly developing city, with some of the best opportunities for developing business experience and having an amazing time all at once. We match interns with companies based on the interns interest and career goals, and the match is confirmed only after an online interview between the company and the candidate had taken place, after which – both sides approve the arrangement. We offer an exciting paid internship position in the marketing department of international companies. As an intern you assist the companys team with the development and implementation of online and traditional marketing strategies. You help to develop communication and marketing strategies for clients, plan media releases and marketing campaigns for company events (workshops & seminars). Fell free to contact us for further information about the program: Open positions for interns in the company: 1. Logistics\sourcing position 2. Consultancy\marketing position Logistics \sourcing tasks *Determine the best way to route the logistics of commodities and raw input deliveries to Chengdu *Understand and map out prices, time tables, Chinese port requirements both duty and AQSIQ requirements (these likely vary from port to port) o determine strategy and budget for the execution of this task o What expertise do we need? How do we get it? How long will that take? How much will this cost? * Improve & expand network of commodities suppliers (including back-ups) * Coordinate with our international technical partners to ensure we create nutritionally and functionally viable products *In coordination with technical team, determine how we will create a process to quickly adjust/alter ingredients as global supply and prices fluctuate Marketing \consultancy tasks *Assist in Developing marketing strategies *Help to gain access to global network of experts *Develop partnerships and strategic partnerships * Work with high-end aquaculture market *Provide training to farms to help them develop sustainable and high quality practices. *Buyback fish and sell to five star hotels in China. Work hours: 5 days per week 8-9 hours per day Some over time may be needed from time to time. .

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