This is a fantastic internship for a business student who has expertise in digital marketing/social media/ PR and an interest in China international relations. This proactive and creative marketing expert will lead all activities to promote a product – the first of a series of autobiographical books about working and living in China. This role will be fun, entrepreneurial, inventive, and insightful. This is an opportunity to create a ‘voice" of a brand, identify target segments, create online marketing campaigns, and generate book sales. About the product: The book is written in a tongue-in-cheek humorous way to allow a distinctive brand ‘voice." Imagine Tina Fey if were Asian and describing her own home country – that is the smart insightful way this book is written. In short, the book describes the China you never knew. Link to product: About the marketing: The marketing officer will show ?hustle? in being able to scour for the best ways to promote the book for free/very cheaply and generate a following of reader fans. This marketing lead should be familiar with, and be able to replicate, how social media and free publicity has turned stars such as Taylor Swift into one of the most globally followed entrepreneurs of our generation. About book sales: Book price sales can be modified to ‘flash sale" prices to coincide with marketing activities. Marketing officer will manage the optimal pricing strategies to generate the most net sales, and in return, earn a small percentage of net profits. About the internship: There is opportunity for growth. Depending on performance in Marketing Officer role, candidate may be considered to help in product development of future books and manage pre-launch marketing. This is a highly flexible internship – work when, where, and how you want, as long as the work gets done and milestones are met. Deliverables 1) Sell the product: Promote book through digital and traditional media to maximize net profit, including: o Identify who will buy this book/Market research: Segmenting audience through primary and secondary research to see which types of people are most likely to buy this book o Promote to target customers/Marketing: Generating interest in book by creating marketing messaging per customer segment, and promoting online and offline o Get publicity/PR: Use themes in book to develop publicity and generate additional interest o Sell in the right places/sales: Identify and negotiate/set up places to sell the book. Book is already currently on Amazon 2) Weekly email/teleconference status updates on progression of marketing, PR, and sales activities To apply, please submit the following to • List of past key achievements in marketing/PR/sales that show you are the right candidate for this role • Proposal of how you would promote this product: audience, how you would reach them, and sources you would use.

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