Novartis is a global multinational pharmaceutical healthcare company,it is the worlds second largest pharmaceutical company,which manufactures drugs,and provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide,ranking number one in sales among the world-wide industry in 2013. The businesses of Novartis are divided into three operating divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Alcon (eye care) and Sandoz (generics). Novartis operates directly and through dozens of subsidiaries in countries around the world, each of which fall under one of the divisions, and that Novartis categorizes as fulfilling one or more of the following functions: Holding/Finance: the entity is a holding company and/or performs finance functions for the Group; Sales: the entity performs sales and marketing activities for the Group; Production: the entity performs manufacturing and/or production activities for the Group; and Research: the entity performs research and development activities for the Group. We have paid Internship vacancies. Send CV/resume to : Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Viale Giulio Richard 1/B; 20143 Milan Italy.

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