Bikes Together (formerly known as The Bike Depot) is Denver"s Community Bike Shop! We ride bikes together, we fix bikes together, we learn about bikes together… we are Bikes Together! We were formed in 2007 in Park Hill out of a community initiative to spread bicycling as a means of transportation and to improve health equity in the neighborhood. We offer a range of fun programs designed to get people on bikes, create empowered cyclists and build a vibrant community. Today, our organization is at an exciting crossroads??we are growing rapidly to try to meet the demand for what we do in metro Denver. This summer we plan to open a central used bike refurbishment warehouse and our second shop location in the Mariposa neighborhood, as well as increase our partnerships in neighborhoods across the city! We are seeking a talented and energetic Summer Intern to help us improve our outreach and outcomes in our Programs department. Your role this summer will involve: taking the lead on our around-?town program and events delivery, assisting the administrative side of programs delivery, and supporting a new campaign to better engage, recruit and retain our individual member-supporters. By helping us achieve success with our increased partnerships across the city this year, you will be helping expand the impact of our mission! Your supervisor will be the Programs Manager. We will train you in instructing our basic/program classes, performing community outreach, programs logistics, basic bicycle mechanics, and whenever possible, you will be cross?-trained in many aspects of Bikes Together"s operations and plug in with various departments. We strive to make this a great opportunity to gain experience in a community-?centered non-?profit social enterprise model. Following the internship, there is ample opportunity for hiring on in our expanding organization. Willing to work with student"s university to provide credit for the internship.

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