DESCRIPTION is an inbound travel website published by Japan Travel KK. Each year we take over 30 promising, talented photojournalists and videographers on a 4 week journey around Japan. You will have opportunities to: – Produce articles, photos or videos whilst travelling around Japan. – Immerse yourself in Japanese culture, interact with local people and gain a unique view of Japan. – Be published in print media. – Share your discoveries with thousands of readers. This internship is available for any applicable period between April – October 2016: This is an unpaid internship but we offer accommodation and travel support. We would encourage aspiring applicants to register on our site and join the community. Due to the volume of applicants we receive, active members will improve their chances of being selected HIGHLIGHTS 1. Visit locations via public transport, taking video, photos and notes about the areas they visit, and talking to the operators for background information. 2. Write about your travel with an emphasis on your unique experiences, publishing on the website, and promoting and sharing their content. 3. Receive help and guidance from the content manager and Regional Partner, who will assist participants in reviewing and refining work. 4. Propose new ideas about content, marketing, and the community. 5. Work with other contributors, helping them improve their content. RESPONSIBILITIES * Reporting to the website content manager * Traveling to locations by public transport, take photos, video and notes about the locations, talk to the operators for background information * Returning to the office, write up the trip experience and unique points, post to the site, promote and share content * Receiving guidance from the content manager and Regional Partner, review and refine work * Proposing own ideas for content, marketing, community * Working with other contributors to help them improve their content

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