Guest Relation Officer 5 Regular Tasks Undertaken by intern 1. At all times well groomed, have a pleasant disposition, greet guests with the most hospitable attitude upon arrival at the hotel, and willing to offer assistance at all times. 2. Provide current knowledge of the services and facilities offered by the hotel, in order to provide reliable information to guests. 3. Build and maintain positive relationships with all internal customers and guests in order to anticipate their needs. 4. Learn and utilize names of guests, especially repeat and long staying guests and routinely greet guests as they pass through the lobby, remaining alert to situations where he can be of assistance to guests. 5. Complete tasks directed by management Expectations of Office Attire Hotel uniform Work hours Depends on the duty roster. Benefits Free meals in Hotel Cafe restaurant or staff canteen and free single room in staff dormitory, complimentary uniform laundry with RMB2000.00 per month.

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