Digital Millennial Internship Program Location: Work-from-home Application Opening: Monday, June 13, 2016 Application Closing: Thursday, June 30, 2016 Start Date(s): Summer Session (5 weeks): Monday, July 11, 2016 – Friday, August 12, 2016 Disclaimer: This is a volunteer internship program, which is educational in its nature, with options for federal work study pay or academic credit. Federal work study pay and academic credit are strictly contingent on the applicant"s academic institution. It will be the academic institution, not the Digital Millennial Internship Program, which will determine the applicant"s eligibility for such options. Otherwise, the Digital Millennial Internship Program is a volunteer, unpaid program fostering digital work experience, logical reasoning, and interdisciplinary collaboration with global intellects. The program is completely online. Formal Letters of Recommendation will be issued to students who complete the program for future employment or other academic programs. Who We Are: Mission to Rebuild, LP is a limited partnership, headquartered in Washington, DC. We are a newly formed limited partnership that is gearing up to launch a trade platform in renewable energy online this year. Our main cause is Mission to Rebuild, Inc. nonprofit organization who endeavors to build advanced green, technical and trade schools. We are an ecologically and economically conscious business, and we are reaching out to collegiate students or recent graduates to help us with our launch. Program Summary: The Digital Millennial Internship Program debuted in Fall of 2015, in its inaugural year, as one of the very first programs to put students and recent graduates at the forefront in a completely digital internship program, paralleling Mission to Rebuild, Inc. nonprofit"s Student World Leaders Program. This will be achieved by (1) bringing many different backgrounds together, (2) fostering growth through work experience digitally, online in a safe-space, and (3) reaching students who see themselves as the next entrepreneurs, researchers, or academic professionals of the future.

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