Oceans of Fun is a marine mammal facility located within the Milwaukee County Zoo. Since 1991, Oceans of Fun has cared for California sea lions and harbor seals while providing educational presentations and interactive programs to Wisconsin families. We are dedicated to the field of marine mammal science and education. It is our goal to provide the best possible environment, training and care for our marine animals with the focus of educating the public about marine life, environmental protection and conservation. Oceans of Fun offers a variety of opportunities for children and families alike to discover the amazing world of seals and sea lions. We provide a wide array of interactive programs, allowing visitors to connect with our animals personally and offer volunteer and internship positions for individuals interested in a career in marine mammal care and education. Have you always loved marine mammals and been interested in the field of animal training? Do you love the earth and want to help make a difference? Are you passionate about public education and want to assist with our mission for conservation? Then our internship programs are a great fit for you! Oceans of Fun is actively interviewing for fall, winter, spring and summer internship positions. Our programs teach individuals how to be an animal care and environmental specialist. Learn about animal diets, facility care, animal training, medical programs, and assist our staff in educating the public about how to care for the environment. Oceans of Fun is a globally recognized leader in the field of marine mammal care and training. We receive internship and volunteer applications from around the world. Our internship programs have been designed to provide participants with valuable experience in a wide variety of activities that occur throughout a trainers day. Interns are trained to assist our animal care staff in the following areas: • General understanding of the care and husbandry needs of marine mammals • Dietary requirements and food preparation for marine mammals • General water quality understanding • Public presentations: hosting, guest interaction, crowd control, safety, trainer assistance • Interactive programs: guest interaction and assistance, safety • Public interaction: professionalism, assistance, question and answer, safety • Facility maintenance and sanitation • Animal observations • Training session and procedural assistance • Animal behavior and training • Environmental enrichment • Current conservation issues

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