SII specializes in matching the intern with the absolute best internship position according to his requirements. SII operates in Sichuan, a very special province in China. While interning in Sichuan, the intern will not only experience authentic Chinese culture as it was many years ago, but also the new China, an economic superpower of the modern world. SII offers a complete package program: in addition to matching the intern with the best host company, we also provide accommodation, cultural and networking events, and are always available to assist the intern with any issue that may arise. SII offers the most cost effective internships programs in the market, contact us for further information. One of our cooperate company in Chengdu is looking for 1 intern for the position of Business Development & sales Regular Tasks Undertaken by intern: 1. Research Schools abroad and create Profiles 2. Create PPTs on various topics to be used in Curriculum 3. Create SWOT Analyses on local Competitors 4. Support Sales Efforts 5. Contribute to the company"s marketing platforms (if suitable for the candidate)

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