We are a small start-up company that is just beginning to launch. Although we are a small company, we have great potential! We currently have an office in Asia, where most of the video editing is done, and have just acquired our office situated in the heart of New York City, in Midtown Manhattan. As our company expands, we are offering an exciting opportunity for students looking to gain experience in the education/media/entertainment industries! We are looking for video content creators who can capture our core concepts of language learning and teaching. We are looking for applicants of all backgrounds and who speak any and all languages! International students welcome! At Seepeaking, we are dedicated to the creation of clear, coherent, and engaging videos. If you have a love of languages, a love of teaching, or if you are interested in working with a very flexible, creative team, and looking for a place where your creative ideas are appreciated and acknowledged, you"ve found the right place! In our office, we are like family! We provide a very warm, friendly atmosphere, and we welcome and encourage all interested applicants from high school and college to apply. All ages are welcome! This is a very easy internship with a lot of flexibility. This is not a stressful position, and interns will be looking at and speaking to the camera very naturally. – A small, hand-held camera will be provided for the duration of the internship. – Videos will be shot in first-person perspective views. For more information about our company, and to get a better idea of the concept of our videos, please visit our website at: www.seepeaking.com Input the following username and password to gain access to our videos: username: intern2016 password: intern2016 Responsibilities: – Interns will work together in pairs during the making of the videos. One will record while the other will be speaking in front of the camera. – Interns will be making short video clips, ranging between 30 seconds to 1 minute long, about daily life in the respective language. – Collaborate and brainstorm together to discuss ideas in creating content for videos. – Assist in all aspects of video communication and creation. – Contribute to planning and content of video creation. – Record/film/star in content for videos in office and field environments. – Present clear, coherent and audible video content. What You Will Gain/Learning Experience: This is a very versatile position, and depending on the intern, can provide a variety of learning opportunities, such as: – Increased skills for understanding and working with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. – If you are majoring in or interested in education or communication, this internship can provide necessary skills for effectively communicating and organizing thoughts and lessons in a clear coherent manner, and will encourage the development of creative, spontaneous thinking. This is a great opportunity for those in education to see what it"s like using a non-traditional approach to teaching. – If you are majoring in or interested in media or filming, this internship provides the perfect opportunity to honing your skills, by recording in a variety of different settings and environments. – If you are majoring in or interested in entertainment or acting, then you will have a blast with us! Come and perform in front of the camera, while making a positive impact on the lives of those who will be watching and learning from your videos! All across the world, there are people who are trying to learn a new language – from YOU. Our hope is that your contribution to the making of these videos that we create will be able to be viewed from everyone across the globe! There is no telling how many people will watch

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