GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: A. Take all necessary steps to insure the health, safety and welfare of all persons involved in the program. B. Make participants aware of health and safety regulations and enforce regulations and policies. C. Uphold and enforce Seacamp operating and conservation policies. D. Active participation in staff training and post-camp activities. E. Participation in general planning of program activities. F. Act as a table head during meals. G. Supervise and help participants during clean-up activities. H. Help with maintenance, office, and kitchen duties as assigned. I. Provide supervision and care of equipment. J. Maintain proficiency in boat and engine operation and be familiar with and heed all boating rules of the road and USCG regulations, and Seacamp policies/procedures. K. Become thoroughly familiar with local marine study/dive areas. L. Attend all scheduled meetings. M. Behave in such a manner that upholds a cohesive community environment. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: A. Lead field trips, discussions, AV presentations, and lab exercises as a part of individual programs. B. Maintain the lab and all scientific equipment and wares in neat and functional condition. Clean and protect delicate and/or fragile instruments immediately after using. C. Instruct and/or assist with program activities as hired or assigned. D. Supervise participants during evening program, rest hour, free time, and evening dorm duty as assigned. E. Maintain and submit accurate and complete course outlines, lesson plans, class records and evaluations as required by Seacamp. F. Report all requisitions for materials and supplies to the Intern Coordinator/Science Program Director. G. Participate in camp functions and assist with participant supervision as assigned. H. Perform hospitality services as scheduled. I. Act as a driver of our camp vans, for program and general transportation. J. Design and complete a special project of significance and lasting value that has been approved by the Intern Coordinator and Director. K. Perform any other duties necessary to the operation of Seacamp and the well-being of the participants, parents, teachers and staff.

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