Are you interested in policy and getting hands-on experience in politics? Join our team! Ray Lister is running for State Representative in House District 26. At Ray"s campaign, we understand the impact of government and the need to ensure that policies help people and don"t create more problems. We are bringing on interns to work with us on the ground to create the grassroots energy and power it takes to win! Interns will have the opportunity to participate in campaign briefings, activist skills trainings, all while getting in-state experience and mentorship from their field organizer. Our project intern will assist with public outreach, campaign management, and voter organization and mobilization. This internship offers the opportunity to work on the frontline on issues like transportation, education, and healthcare as they relate to our area. Interns will get hands-on experience in campaign skills training, local public policy, and real-world applications of leadership skills and campaign savvy. Get involved and apply now!

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