An economic catastrophe affecting Baby Boomers to Millennials is upon us, and if you are in college chances are you or someone you know are racking up thousands of dollars in student loan debt which could take years if not decades to pay back. Debt which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and follows you for the rest of your life. Is this the American dream we are willing to accept? Or is it time to do something different? At the heart of the American economy is the local business, owned and operated by a business owner. These are the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbors all around us that create the real economy. The doctors, lawyers, dentists, auto workers, retailers, restaurants, professionals and practitioners who supply the much needed services of every American City and town. To survive every company needs to; attract new customers, increase revenue from existing customers, or re-activate old customers. If they arent doing these things they are dying. Many businesses, even today, lack a viable web presence, existing by word of mouth only and traditional marketing methods. Marketing methods which are outdated, inefficient and continue to lose relevancy. You can now be part of the positive change that your financial future and the economy depends on. By bringing solutions to businesses which attract new customers, increase revenue from existing customers, and reactivate old customers, you can be a part of a real positive impact in the economy by building a profitable network of the most powerful influential people in your community, the business owners. These solutions include; Targeted Keyword Research Company Branding or Rebranding Logo Creation Business Card Creation & Printing Flyer Creation & Printing Banner Creation & Printing Landing Page Creation Company Website Creation Blog Creation, Maintenance & Syndication Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Autoresponder Integration Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Email Sequence Creation & Implementation Commercial Video Production Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Landing Page Creation Lead Magnet Creation & Implementation Follow Up Email Sequence Creation Social Media Marketing Mobile App Creation & Publishing Pay Per Click Marketing You will then schedule a Prospective Partners (PP) to speak with an executive producer, where the Executive Producer will offer a 12 month strategy blueprint.

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