This internship will provide a better understanding of geospatial terminology, geospatial analytic and data management techniques, cartographic skills, and allow student to become familiar with various applications used within the GIS Unit. Project Tasks: 1. Use ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 to edit Division specific datasets and perform various geospatial analytics using a variety of ArcToolbox toolsets to accomplish specific Division projects. 2. Use ArcGIS Online to create web map and web applications to support natural hazard risk assessment projects. 3. Learn how to use FEMA"s HAZUS modeling program to run scenario based hurricane and/or flood models. 4. Assist GIS staff in fulfilling map requests for the Division. 5. Complete FEMA Independent Study courses that will introduce the applicant to the FEMA Incident Command Structure and also the FEMA Geospatial Concept-of- Operations (GeoCONOPS).

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