Objective: To take emergency management and planning principles learned in the classroom and apply them in a real-world setting. Job Description: This internship position is within the Natural Hazards Unit. The unit coordinates the refinement of preparedness studies, operational plans, analysis tools and procedures regarding natural hazards/all-hazards planning. This position provides assistance to the Natural Hazards Unit with tasks associated with the unit"s core programs (Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning, Continuity Planning, Hurricane Program, and Fuels Planning) as well as non-core programs. The unit also serves as the nucleus of the State Emergency Operations Center"s Planning Section/Emergency Support Function 5 during emergency/disaster response operations. Project Tasks: 1. Assist with the revision of the standard operating guides and job aids for Emergency Support Function 5 (ESF 5) and its associated units and sub-units, 2. Assist with revision of the Mass Migration Annex to the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, 3. Other duties as necessary.

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