The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Internship Program provides students with a unique opportunity to apply classroom skills and theory to real life work situations. This hands-on program is designed to strengthen fundamental emergency management concepts and develop the confidence and skills of the next generation to prepare them for future employment opportunities. As an intern, participants are expected to employ their skills and abilities to contribute to the objectives of their assigned host organization. Our internships provide exposure to industry professionals and promote career development. To support that endeavor, interns will be placed based on interests and specific project availability. Participants can obtain valuable in-depth experience in emergency management and other related fields. In addition, interns will: – Work with a national leader in the field of emergency management – Contribute to innovative projects – Get relevant experience for resume building – Develop confidence walking into an interview with numerous examples to use – Obtain a greater understanding of career possibilities and areas of interest – Gain marketability for employment opportunities after graduation Recurring semester activities include: – Regularly scheduled Lunch and Learns with emergency management professional guest speakers – FEMA Region IV Tour in Thomasville, GA – Leon County Emergency Operations Center Tour in Tallahassee, FL – Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross Tour in Tallahassee, FL Residential Construction Mitigation Program Intern | 1 opening | Location: Tallahassee, FL The intern in this department will have the opportunity to learn about project and grant management through the Residential Construction Mitigation Program (RCMP). The intern will be educated on what RCMP is and will be funneled into active projects that will provide a tangible experience. Project Tasks: Currently the RCMP unit is working on a GIS Mapping Project. This project would entail gathering and inputting data into a spreadsheet that can be transferred to GIS to create a historical map that identifies to location of each address RCMP has mitigated. Should the state be affected by a storm, the program can use this map to judge the effectiveness of mitigation efforts by municipality, locality or region. The RCMP intern will produce a spreadsheet with name, address, parcel I.D., longitude and latitude of each address of homeowners that have received grant funding. Once completed this data will be sent to our GIS unit to develop the map. While this is the main project planned for the semester, the intern will also have the opportunity to assist with the following: Update RCMP presentations/training, attend (when available) meetings with stakeholders during business hours and assist with research as needed.

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