The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) is seeking a creative and motivated individual to intern in its Policy Department. This is an excellent opportunity to build a client-based portfolio and gain practical experience while interning at an active, upbeat non-profit organization. The Policy Social Media Intern will learn about and support five AFC Policy projects with a focus on social media strategy, user engagement and data analytics during the course of the internship. These projects include HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (a diverse national human rights network at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, and economic, racial and social justice), the Chicago Female Condom Campaign (a group of advocates who work to increase the use, access and awareness of female condoms in Chicago), the National Female Condom Coalition (a group of prevention advocates that work for the wider access of and innovation on internal condoms at the national level), Pride Action Tank (a results-driven group that addresses challenges facing individuals and groups within LGBTQIA communities through a collaborative process of inquiry, advocacy, and action), and SpeakUP (an information hub to identify and resolve health equity issues that have arisen from the Affordable Care Act). The Policy Social Media Intern will be supervised by the Digital Policy Manager and interact with other Policy department managers. This internship is designed to be both educational and practical. In this internship, the intern will learn how to take skills acquired in school related to their particular interests, and apply them in a professional setting. They will gain a better understanding of the role played by nonprofit organizations in the areas of public health and social justice advocacy, and new HIV prevention technologies, and be better prepared to work in the arena of digital communications, HIV/AIDS, public health or policy. The intern will also have opportunities to network with staff from other departments and the broader community. The Policy Social Media Intern will learn: • Best practices for monitoring and posting on social networks; • Workflow for social media communications; • Effective social media cultivation and mobilization skills; • Effective strategies to increase traffic, brand awareness, and engagement; • How to write leveraged content for AFC"s Policy online presence; • Steps to engage in effective internet advocacy; • Marketing and communications strategy for policy-related projects; • Tracking and analysis of social media networks; • Effective communication of analytics.

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