Your tasks and life at RVA (about 600 characters) Everyone is involved in the running of Richmond Vale Academy. This goes for the farming and doing turns in the food production, whether it is improving the water harvesting system, moving the chicken tractors, improving the compost, harvesting various fruits, producing jam or making a salad for lunch. Richmond Beach has a protected wetland where we plant mangroves to stop the water from eroding. We teach diving and marine wildlife preservation and how to catch ?Lion Fish?; an invasive species to our waters. We support a healthy and sporty life style. You can hike the trail to the volcano ?La Soufriere? and numerous other nature trails in the mountains. You can swim in the sea and jump from the cliffs, practice yoga, dance and play the drums or guitar. The life at Richmond Vale Academy is simple in many ways. We live in a community lifestyle with no drugs and alcohol. We are located at the very end of the road in St. Vincent, far from the consumer society of shopping, restaurants and bars. We enjoy the culture of the Caribbean with steel bands and drumming and create our own contra culture and entertainment which develops creativity and talents in each individual. St. Vincent and the Grenadines consist of 32 islands and cays of which 9 are inhabited. Richmond Vale Academy is located in St. Vincent at the foot of the volcano La Soufriere. There are a total of 110.000 Vincentians living on the islands of which 98.000 live in St. Vincent. Richmond Vale Academy is located close to several nature trails, waterfalls as well as a beach. The rooms are simple with no extras; shared by 2 persons. Female and Male bathrooms are in the hallways. Employed cooks prepare lunch and dinner; breakfast is cooked by ourselves on shift. Everyone including vegetarians and vegans can eat well from the varied food. At the complex we have several verandas, a fitness center and a dining hall, where we share our meals. In the food forest there are more than 20 different fruit trees free to pick and taste from. The view is magnificent from all corners of the 30 acres property overlooking the Richmond Valley, the beach and Chateaubelair Island.

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