Spring Quarter 2017 Research Assistant Internship Openings The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is looking for qualified students (advanced undergraduate or graduate) interested in being part-time research assistant interns in the Spring Quarter 2017 term from approximately late March until early June. An intern typically works 12-15 hours a week per scholar. (The number of hours can be adjusted accordingly to fulfill academic requirements). The priority deadline to apply is March 12, 2017. *We will start matching scholars and interns, but will still accept intern applications after this date.* Internship positions are open until filled so applying early is strongly encouraged. Ariel I. Ahram, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs. ?Territory, Sovereignty, and the New Map of the Arab World.? Joseph Cassidy, Former Director for Policy, Regional, and Functional Organizations, International Organizations Bureau, U.S. Department of State. ?Revisiting International Refugee Law.? (French) Alon Confino, Professor of History, University of Virginia and Ben-Gurion University, Israel. ?Imagining Palestine, 1948: Jews and Palestinians between Local Experience and Global History.? (Arabic) Stephen Crowley, Professor of Politics, Oberlin College. ?The Other Russia: Labor Politics and the Putin Regime in Challenging Economic Times.? (Russian) Kent Hughes, Former Director, Program on America and the Global Economy. ?Economic Statecraft in the 21st Century.? Dinny McMahon, Banking & Finance Correspondent, Beijing, The Wall Street Journal. ?Cracks in the Facade – the Mounting Risk and Complexity of Chinas Financial System.? (Mandarin Chinese) David Ottaway, Former Washington Post Correspondent. ?A Reporter"s Rediscovery of Stories Covered and Countries Lived in Over a 35 Year Career at the Washington Post.? (Arabic) Marina Ottaway, Carnegie Foundation. ?Arab Countries in Transition.? (Arabic or French) Christopher Sellers, Professor of History, Stony Brook University. ?Toxic Crossings: Hazardous Trades and the Risk Revolution in the U.S. and Mexico.? (Spanish) Andrew Wedeman, Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University. ?Corruption, Unrest, and Repression: Implications for China"s Rise and Sino-American Strategic Relations.? (Mandarin Chinese) Amberin Zaman, Columnist for the independent Turkish online news portal Diken as well as for Al Monitor, a Washington DC based online news outlet covering the Middle East; Turkey Correspondent, The Economist (1999-2015). ?Leveraging Iraqi Kurdish Statehood: How Kurdish Independence Can Promote Democracy and Reduce Conflict in the Middle East.? (Kurdish or Arabic)

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