Are you looking for a fun and challenging opportunity to gain experience in marketing, branding, and social/digital media? The PLK Law Group is offering an internship which provides a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of intellectual property and the ?creative? aspects of a company or individual"s branding and media presence. The intern will be charged with generating and executing digital and social media strategy to increase online presence for both The PLK Law Group and other client accounts. The intern will maintain online presence on a variety of social media platforms, and create/publish content that is relevant to the targeted community. Further, the intern should be able to develop and implement strategy in connection with a successful social media campaign to generate visibility and increased online presence. RESPONSIBILITIES • Developing social media campaigns for each client including the requisite strategy, audience targeting, creation of unique and engaging posts in a variety of formats, and more • Posts updates, news and announcements in a timely manner using appropriate content. • Updates social media accounts with current and relevant photos, video, or other content Organizes and archives digital images and videos. • Regularly observes the online activity of model organizations researches and reports on ?social media best practices?. • Uses analytics to assess trends and activities to modify the strategy and implementation for each social media campaign. • Reviews data on the performance of social media platforms and adjusts plans or strategies to optimize reach. Candidates should maintain a positive attitude under pressure, exhibit strong work ethic, and be able to work independently on a given project. Most importantly, the candidate should be flexible and willing to take on multiple tasks in a creative and legal environment. This Internship will benefit someone who is interested in marketing, branding, community relations, audience development, and intellectual property.

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