The Internship in Social-Emotional Learning is a rigorous six week program at Rockbrook Camp for Girls (Brevard, NC) that provides student interns training and direct experience applying a whole-child approach to supporting learners" emotional needs in a group setting. An intern that completes this program will be prepared to apply Social-Emotional Learning best practices in their classroom, including techniques to improve children"s self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, and relationship skills. Program activities: – An introduction to core principles of socio-emotional learning in the context of a camp community – Weekly journaling and observation prompts, including an end-of-week conference with an on-site advisor – Shadowing and interviewing educational leaders to learn from their experience in different educational settings – Completion of a case study, including a reflection on how to apply best practices in their own classrooms – Presentation of a culminating project to showcase the intern"s learning process and findings from their participation in the program – A formal evaluation assessing the intern"s overall growth and performance throughout the program

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