1. Managing the company website and online database. 2. Develop new software and functionality to automate mundane/simple jobs within the company. 3. Managing the operation of the CRM ( maintaining the employee structure, adding new functionality/fields on request ). 4. Setting up and maintaining the mailing server and file storage system. 5. Prepare training documentation for both IT and non-IT employees. 6. Research, recommend, and handle the purchasing of new hardware or software. 7. Contact and interact with customer support departments for third-party software utilised by the company. 8. Providing tech support to employees in various departments (word processing / spreadsheet issues, telephony issues, faulty hardware, connectivity problems ). 9. Setting up new PCs for employees (installing the necessary software, configuring settings ) . 10. Keep records of usernames and passwords and access/distribute them securely when needed. 11. Managing user mailboxes (setting up email forwarding, mailbox sharing ). 12. Managing user accounts (creating/removing users, resetting passwords, organising users into groups ). 13. Help in the interviews of prospective IT recruits.

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