BrijBrand, a subsidiary of Robbi Crawford Enterprises, LLC, provides mentoring, consulting and educational services to high school seniors and college students eager to create a satisfying, engaging and meaningful worklife experience. According to a recent employee engagement study by Gallup, the percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were not engaged, while another 17.2% were actively disengaged. In a previous study, they reported that 70% of student graduates are not satisfied with their jobs just five years after graduation. BrijBrand"s mission is to respond to these dismal findings and the gaps in our typical approach to entering the world of work with proven solutions delivered through private and group mentoring, in person, virtually and via our online hub to increase students" chances of job satisfaction, fulfillment and engagement. Emphasis is placed on identifying strengths, talents, interests, and natural abilities; developing ones personal brand; how to make conscious work and life choices; and identifying one"s just right work. BrijBrand seeks a dynamic, tech-savvy, self-starter who craves learning new skills and isn"t afraid to tackle big projects. As a marketing intern you will delve into and manage real projects that will contribute to the growth or our new business. The ideal candidate is someone who is captivated with social media and is creative and thoughtful when interacting with online communities and building relationships. The selected candidate will be responsible for assisting and supporting the executive assistant with a variety of marketing and social media initiatives. We are seeking someone who is plugged into the 20-30 something"s perspectives, online viewing behaviors, offline preferences etc. to help us reach our high school seniors and college undergrads audience.

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