This position is provided by which is a free service agency for foreign students who want come to China for internship, and provide free accommodation (homestay)service. Hangzhou Chongdong Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. is an international company engaged exporting Electronic products. Branches.It is also a cross-border electricity supplier company all around the world. Mission : Sales & Marketing Intern: 1. Finish regularly quantified work and be able to handle the tasks independently. 2. during NPI period, purchase behavior and psychology of investigation on consumer; develop products listed on the planning: path planning and the stage of implementation goals; according to the requirements of the company set a price for a new product; develop product planning strategy; 3.Establish and improve marketing information collection, processing, communication and security system during the period of product development, formulate annual marketing target plan, and be responsible for the coordination of production and marketing; 4. In the product maturity, the competitive brand advertising strategy, competitive means analysis. On sales forecast, put forward the future market analysis, development direction and planning. Make product planning strategy. Develop advertising strategies. Implementation of brand planning. Accommodation: Free homestay program provided by Internship Union

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