Love watching TV? Love everything about your shows from the actors to the latest gossip? We have an internship for you! has spent over 20 years covering the entertainment industry. We are currently looking for a passionate TV viewer that can cover between 7-10 shows each week on prime time, cable networks, Netflix, HULU, Amazon and more as well as compiling listicles on the actors from things you may not know, emulating their style, best/worst roles and about the shows best scenes, bloodiest scenes, most romantic scenes. (Listicles can be on shows no longer on the air as well.) We are a virtual office, you dont have to leave your room, get dressed or even talk to anyone. We can hook you up with interviews so you may want to talk a bit. We use Google Hangouts and to communicate. Academic credit is available, we work with any schools requirements and can provide additional details on the training process and assignments that are required. What you can accomplish with us: -Build your personal portfolio. -Undergo on-the-job training to provide a working knowledge of online publishing. -Learn how to use social media for self-promotion and personal branding. Use of Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc is REQUIRED. -Interview celebrities you see on TV and in the movies. Responsibilities – write 15-20 stories a week for editor approval – promote yourself and your work via social media – communicate with staff via Slack, email, phone, text

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