This company is a well-established cosmetic and beauty packaging trading company in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and is looking for a Product designer based in their Taipei office. Depending on the preferences of the intern the position can have either more of a design orientation or an pack engineering orientation. The position will require the applicant to work closely with Engineering and NPD teams in Taiwan. The main objectives of the role: + Product Design: Concept development of cosmetic packaging. + Use the company"s 3D printers to trial your designs + Depending on the clients brief, you will need to examine different styles and trends in order to design their products + Visit factories in Taiwan in order to see how cosmetic packaging is manufactured on mass to know what is possible in regards to your design and innovation + Contribute to concept brainstorming + Start blue sky innovation projects + This is an exciting opportunity with a small New Product Development team, the intern will be expected to proactively contribute to the team.

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