The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is looking for qualified students (advanced undergraduate or graduate) interested in being part-time research assistant interns in the Fall 2017 semester. An intern typically works 12-15 hours a week per scholar. (The number of hours can be adjusted accordingly to fulfill academic requirements). The deadline to apply is September 17, 2017. Internship positions are open until filled so applying early is strongly encouraged. Lawrence (Larry) K. Altman, Medical Writer and ‘The Doctors World" Columnist, New York Times. ?Reporting on the Health of Presidents and other Political Leaders.? Amy Holmes, Associate Professor of Sociology, American University in Cairo. ?Between Democratic Autonomy and Authoritarianism: The Political Ambitions of PYD-aligned Kurdish Militias in Syria and Iraq.? (Arabic) Aynne Kokas, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia. ?Networked Chinawood Media, Cybersecurity and the Restrictions of Connectivity.? (Mandarin Chinese) William Krist, Former Senior Vice-President, American Electronics Association, Washington, DC. ?Globalization and Americas Trade Agreements.? *Mr. Krist will be focusing on US-China trade policy this fall. Martin Sherwin, Professor of History, George Mason University. Gambling With Armageddon: Nuclear Roulette From Hiroshima to Havana, 1945-1963 (Russian) Robin Wright, Former Washington Post Journalist. The Middle East at a Crossroads – from North Africa to the Persian Gulf.? (Arabic or Persian). The WWICS Internship Application Form and detailed instructions can be found at:

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