Leaning toward a career in law? This internship in Cape Town will help broaden your skills and knowledge of this field. You will intern at the XYZ, which has centers spread across South Africa. You will join the firm"s attorneys and candidate attorneys, who offer legal representation to the poor. The Centres focus specifically on criminal practice, responding to the need for democracy and justice. XYZ helps indigent residents to participate in the South African Justice System. They make sure the accused receives a fair trial and offers easy access to legal representation, which is provided even to the poorest. They also fight for the rights of children, representing clients in juvenile courts. As an intern for this firm, you will become involved with their operations, from funding candidate attorneys to defending women and children"s rights. You will gain wide exposure in the field of law while helping lawyers provide aid in various areas – e.g. criminal cases, divorce cases, labor disputes, etc.

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