This African Impact Foundation internship is a very unique opportunity to get involved in NGO management with a focus on Conservation. In the Greater Kruger area, South Africa, we are offering an internship which focuses on international development but more specifically leopard research. This internship is specific for those wanting to gain NGO experience but has a love for conservation, nature and animal research. African Impact Foundation was established in 2008, as a Charity and Non Profit Organization registered in the UK, South Africa and Zambia. We are spread across 8 different locations in 3 different countries, impacting 25 Foundation Projects. Previously known as The Happy Africa Foundation, African Impact Foundation recently aligned our name to support African Impact projects. An internship with African Impact Foundation is an opportunity to stretch your skills in a safe, supported environment. African Impact Foundation Interns gain value from our experienced on-site staff as well as having a professional development mentor and intern supervisor who helps with customizing goals and outcome.s Having motivated interns who can flourish under our guidance, improves the opportunity to reach sustainable results for the communities we serve.

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