Responsibilities • Working both sides of the equation on HARO • First by responding to all appropriate media outlets who are looking to tell a story about and/or Gina Yarrish and/or our amazing team. Every day, HARO has media outlets like CNN, OWN, HuffPost, BuzzFeed and many more looking to find contributors. We would like to contribute as a source to any stories that make sense for our area of expertise – Life coaching, professional growth, creative therapy, woman-run business, and much more. • Second by presenting Yarcort as a media outlet to capture experts to help us write better blogs, articles and the like. • Promoting and drive traffic to our website throughout various forms of social media and assist with coordinating special events, such as online webinars, Facebook groups, etc? • Attending at least 15 team meetings. • Helping us manage Yarcort"s social media platforms; such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube various forms of social media accounts. This will be accomplished by writing and posting frequently, engaging with our audiences and converting them to Virtual Interns and rabid fans of Yarort. You do not need to become an expert, but rather have a thirst for learning about our purpose and how you can help us expand. Location This internship is a virtual/remote internship. Sit back, relax in an environment where you can work from home, your local coffee shop or anywhere else with a secure internet connection and ability to meet on Skype. Timing Immediately! Our internships are 200 hours which is approximately 10 hours a week for 20 weeks. Once you have completed the maximum amount, there are opportunities for advancement into a Sr. role with the Public Relations Team, depending on how well you excel in your role.

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