Universal Phoenix Group, LLC is a multi-faceted organization spanning the entertainment, fashion, sports and gaming/technology industries. We strive to utilize our market presence in the entertainment industries of sports, dance, fashion and gaming to positively influence local communities, while bridging gaps globally to improve communities throughout the world. UPG seeks to expose the arts and empower younger generations with viable development solutions and opportunities. This internship is for a variety of UPG brands, including Digital Dance Culture (www.digitaldanceculture.com), our tech entertainment platform, our international basketball recruiting platform (www.crossoverexposure.com), our STEM educational platform (www.steamteams.org) and UPGs central brand itself. Crossover Exposure brings top international student athletes to the United States to enter high school and college while STEAM Teams services STEM based educational institutions and communities. Digital Dance Culture works with the top street dancers in the world and entertainers to deliver top level production and advertising. We intend to capture and report all the latest company and top client news, industry trends and engage our targeted demographics with relevant content to increase our following and subscriber base. Interns will have the opportunity to receive invaluable experience in the sports, education and entertainment industries as well as meet professionals, network, gain travel and commission opportunities. You will work with senior executives, developers and other team members. We are looking for passionate people from any part of the world (must be able to speak fluent English) that can represent their region. Multi-lingual and experienced social medians and influencers in any of our core verticals will have preference. Opportunists and people who can leverage our platforms to help us enter new markets are welcome.

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