I would like to tell you about a great opportunity for you to extend your future prospects and to manage your CV in a right way :) So, lets go straight to the point. My proposal for you is a great internship in the marvelous city – Barcelona! The internship is organized by Dpointgroup organization. Dpinflatables is is a part of Dpointgroup companies, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. In connection with the intensive development of our companies, currently, all our new interns are posted to work at Dpointgroup that is famous and recognized marketing agency in the Spanish market. We can offer you an internship in which you can develop the basic skills needed for online marketing, video production, the development and optimization of websites, prospection with new technologies and other skills which are essential in our modern day society. You can work in any of these departments or you can work for 2 or more departments at the same time: • Business development • Marketing and Sales • Event Management • Human Resources • Accountancy/Finances • Logistics • Tourism Management • Web Development • Legal Department For more information about the tasks of each department please check http://www.dpointgroup.com/careers.html Our company has years of experience of work with students supported by Erasmus+, DaVinci and many other programs from all over the world. We provide you with all the needed documents that universities usually require as well as the documents to perform your internship. The internship is unpaid and is part-time (min 20hrs per week) or full-time, depending on your/your university requirements. The hours are flexible. However, our interns can earn commissions on each sale they make (aprox. 100 – 1000 euro each month). For any questions please dont hesitate to contact me. Email: siamiondpointgroup@gmail.com

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