Empowered Self Healing is looking for part-time editors, proofreaders, and writers. Empowered Self Healing coaches individuals with fatigue and pain to live a painfree life. Empoweredselfhealing We live in stressful times and with a medical-industrial system which does little to heal only medicate. We offer an alternative. See our website, www.empoweredselfhealing.com for more information about our mission. These internships are for individuals interested in learning more about the health and wellness arena while working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial setting. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Proofreading and editing of; blogs, video and podcast scripts, course content and reports; Writing; newsletters, websites, ranging from product descriptions to daily health tips. Copywriting & editing for media publications such as press releases. Editing content created with a special focus on the voice, grammar, spelling, and the interesting unique content of the piece. revising, and publishing, manuals and technical work; and creating content for technical documents. School credit is available if allowed by the University of the applicant. The internship is designed around teaching you the fundamentals of healing. The position offers an excellent opportunity to work on substantive projects and could result in an excellent reference.

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