Data Engineer interns at EPAM Systems, Inc are integrated into our data warehousing team as part of our regular agile cadence. The data engineer intern works with our data warehouse and BI tools to provide business reporting and analysis capabilities to our customers. The Role Data Engineer Intern will work closely during this internship with their Agile team of other engineers, QA, and product owners to design and implement features through a variety of technologies. Data Engineer Interns are expected to participate in writing/reading code of a variety of languages and paradigms, gathering and organizing product requirements, testing theirs and their peers software, both automated and manually. Data Engineer Interns are mentored while gaining domain and technical knowledge during this internship. Essential Functions: * Participate in agile processes. * Develop, test and refactor SQL Reports. * Develop online dashboards. * Work closely with Client Success and Data System & Reporting teams. * Collaborate in a distributed team environment. * Build SQL Queries.

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