Marketing Analysts at Qrius will have an intense 4-week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. There are three primary aspects to the internship: – Consulting Thesis: Analysts will be given a marketing subject area relevant to Qrius to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts. – Marketing Learning Modules: Specialized learning modules created by our team are shared with Analysts to help them understand marketing theory – Peer to Peer Marketing: Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, Qrius also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist. For further details, read this: Location: Digital (work-from-home) Dates: We have 3 internship cycles. Each internship period is 30 days from the start of the program. You can apply for any one of them. 1st November – 30th November 1st December – 31st December 1st January – 31st January Certificates will be provided to all interns who complete the internship. High performing interns also have the opportunity to join our core team of Associates. If you are selected, you will hear from us seven days before the program begins.

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