The Lower East Side Printshop is the largest openly accessible printmaking studio in New York City. Interns are involved in all aspects of maintaining a vibrant non-profit workshop. Programs include artist residencies, fine art publishing, classes, exhibitions, lectures, and artists" talks. Participating artists are of all creative backgrounds and career stages, including some of todays most acclaimed artists. The Printshop"s internships offer opportunities to learn and hone printmaking skills, gain collaborating experience, meet exciting artists and art professionals, learn about contemporary art, get an insider"s perspective on the New York City contemporary art community, and help produce new artwork that often pushes the boundaries of traditional printmaking. Internships are available throughout the year. Interns are expected to have some working knowledge of printmaking, or a demonstrable interest. Regular attendance and a commitment to the program are required. Internships are unpaid, but students can receive school credit or free studio time in exchange for their donated time. Free studio time equals the amount of volunteering time, and is available Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon – 6pm. Hours: Fall Semester (September – December): two days per week, Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm. Consecutive days are preferred, however we are willing to work around scheduling conflicts.

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