Company introduction : This organization is a non-profit NGO which was founded in June 2003. They are committed to supporting the natural, recreational and cultural values of rivers, in particular the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. They provide a unified voice on environmental values and issues. These issues include river conservation, environmental protection, development of environmental awareness, and the promotion of sustainable development in both urban and rural areas. The working culture is very much influenced by relationship building and by grassroot-NGO working techniques. As a team member you will integrated into the team quickly. Main programs include: • Research on water environments and the sustainability of water resources; • Treatment of water pollution; • Legal advocacy, influencing policy-making on the local, municipal, and provincial levels; • Urban and rural environmental education and public capacity-building Internship position: Project Executive Internship Description: • Assist with the daily patrol/inspection for the rivers of Chengdu and report findings • Collect river data and assist with the development of volunteers • Assist report-writing efforts

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